How “Petite and So What” transformed a blog into a fashion brand?

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Julie, the brand founder,  joined IAMFASHION in July 2020.

" À un moment donné, je me suis dit si je n'arrive pas à faire décoller les ventes rapidement, dans tous les cas, dans 3 mois, je vais devoir arrêter Petite and So What. Du coup, je suis tombée sur une pub Facebook de IAMFASHION et là j'ai eu le premier entretien avec toi, et là franchement ta méthode m'a complètement convaincu." 

Julie is 1m52 tall and she was always uncomfortable with existing fashion brands. It was about remaking and adjusting her wardrobe each time she bought something. In 2015, she started a blog to help short women like her dress with style. In 2017, during her pregnancy, she took the decision to create her own fashion brand and quit her job. Engineer and financial specialist, she finally decides to follow her dream. It’s important for her to “become who you want to be” and show an example to her newborn son.

"Je me suis dit, Inga, elle pourra m'accompagner car elle connaît toutes les problématiques. Je me suis dit c'est une formation, c'est super intéressant. C'est sûr ça a un coût mais je le voyais comme un investissement en fait. "

After her first crowdfunding campaign, she realized that selling clothes online is quite challenging. Although she already had a blog with her community and produced her first collection, she lacked a clear method to get to her market. Production was expensive, she could not sell her inventory and she did not have enough cash flow to continue the brand.

After joining the IAMFASHION Program she managed to migrate her website from WooCommerce to Shopify and build a completely new up-to-date e-shop. On the first day, she has generated €5K in revenue with her new website. She put in place a strong SEO strategy and learned how to target influencers. She becomes fully independent and she manages her e-shop from A to Z. She understands how to organize her website to improve her sales. She has an average order price quite high thanks to trust relationship with her customers. She is now able to anticipate change and feels supported by the IAMFASHION community. 

"J'ai lancé la première collection fin septembre. Et là, j'ai généré ma plus grosse journée de chiffre d'affaires, 5000 euros de chiffre d'affaires dans la journée. C'était ma meilleure journée, la meilleure que j'ai faite pour le moment. "


What’s her secret? 

Julie created her brand to respond to a real social problem regarding short women who cannot find an outfit adapted to their specific morphology. She was facing the same problem all her life and who could do this better if it was not her? She designed a collection of 6 different products to offer a choice for full dressing. She developed her own cuts to adapt standard fitting to women who are between 1m45 and 1m60 tall. To give power to her customers, she named every product after a famous short woman, an icon that succeeded in her life. More than being a fashion brand, Petite and So What is a powerful statement that shows that success does not depend on how tall you are. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients. Her products are well cut and offer a wide choice of possibilities. Julie is convinced that being short does not mean you cannot wear long dresses, skirts, or suits.

We are so proud of her achievements. Today Julie shares with us her story. Watch her full interview with Inga Grinko now on IGTV.  

To discover more of her world, follow her on Instagram account @petiteandsowhat and visit her new website

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