How did Iné by Sabine become 100% digitally independent ?

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2021

Sabine, the founder, joined IAMFASHION in January 2021. 

After a career as a documentalist, Sabine wanted to start living from her passion. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Tired of buying non-lasting clothes, she started to create her own. She realized that she could share her creations with others, and contribute to sustainability in the Fashion industry. Iné by Sabine brand was born! 💫💻

Sabine started to design a small collection and focus on Instagram to attract her clients. She built her community online through influenceurs. She created her website but she realized that she needed more insights to optimize it. She invested in the press but it was not profitable. She was disappointed and she needed someone to guide her in her decisions.  She wanted to earn a living from her passion. 💓💆🏻‍♀️

"C'est vrai qu'en fait il couvrait tous les aspects de la création d'une société, que ce soit l'aspect marketing, l'aspect financier, l'aspect création aussi, l'aspect digital. Et voilà, c'est vraiment ça que j'ai apprécié dans ce programme. "

After joining IAMFASHION, she built a strong base for her business in terms of digital marketing and finances. She optimized her website and rethought her online sales strategy. She started Facebook Ads and generated 2-3 sales per day, she achieved her goals. She paid her first salary in April. She feels supported when she makes business decisions. She succeeded to find the right balance between her personal and professional lives, to be more efficient to manage her brand while making clothes in her own workshop. She created strong bonds with her clients and kept growing her community. 📲🔝

"Donc voilà, depuis mi-avril, j'ai atteint mes objectifs. Et puis, au mois de mai, pour la première fois, je me suis versée un petit salaire."

What’s her secret? 

Every piece is unique, she creates her collection with her own savoir-faire and on-demand. She focuses on the details to make her design authentic. She personalized her packaging to surprise and build a friendship with her customers. She shares real moments on Instagram which brings her brand closer to her clients. 🌈💻

"Je me suis rendue compte que toute seule, je n'aurai jamais réussi tout ça."

Sabine achieved her goals in less than 6 months! She became fully independent and can live from her passion. She found the perfect mindset to manage her business and feel always surrounded by the community.

It is her success story! 🌟 


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