How did Iné by Sabine become 100% digitally independent ?

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2021

Sabine, the founder, joined IAMFASHION in January 2021. 

After a career as a documentalist, Sabine wanted to start living from her passion. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Tired of buying non-lasting clothes, she started to create her own. She realized that she could share her creations with others, and contribute to sustainability in the Fashion industry. Iné by Sabine brand was born!

Sabine started to design a small collection and focus on Instagram to attract her clients. She built her community online through influenceurs. She created her website but she realized that she needed more insights to optimize it. She invested in the press but it was not profitable. She was disappointed and she needed someone to guide her in her decisions.  She wanted to earn a living from her passion. ‍

"C'est vrai qu'en fait il couvrait tous les aspects de la création d'une société, que ce soit l'aspect marketing, l'aspect financier, l'aspect...

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How did Maaxine found her market online and build a brand?

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2021

Marie-France, the founder, joined IAMFASHION in may 2020.

 After a career in finances, Marie-France decided to live her passion. The shirt was her job uniform. So she decided to create a brand to rethink this essential women's wardrobe piece. She founded Maaxine with one shirt collection. 


"Le programme IAMFASHION a été une révolution intellectuelle pour moi."


Marie-France started to create her brand by following the old school principales. She thought of starting with trade exhibitions to get wholesale contacts first. She quickly realized that she was not at the right place as a young designer without any brand reputation. She didn’t fit into the traditional wholesale system. She realized that she didn’t want to be a prisoner of this model. The yellow jackets mouvement and then first lockdown helped her to realize that selling online was the solution. It is a way to be 100% independent in managing her brand from A to Z.


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How did Elleanore de Provence become profitable online rapidly?

case study May 29, 2021

Meet Sarah from @elleanordeprovence 

Sarah Gabel, the founder of Elleanor de Provence joined IAMFASHION in october 2020.

After a career in Human Resources, she decided to live her passion. She was impressed by the women in her family. They were dressed classy without putting on too much. She wanted to create a brand that embraced this state of mind. She kicked off her brand with a crowdfunding campaign in 2019.

"Et en fait, ce qui est génial dans ton programme, c'est que qu'il n'y a rien perçu comme un échec. Et je me suis tout de suite dit bah en fait c'est pas grave, j'apprends et et je vais faire différemment et de toute façon ça va marcher. " 

Originally French and English, she was inspired by Eleonore de Provence, a powerful woman who lived in Provence and became queen of England. She wanted to make a woman feel powerful when wearing her brand.

At the beginning, her business was a tupperware based model. She gathered women...

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How did SDSH became a digital native brand ?

case study Apr 24, 2021

Sarah, the founder of the brand and Astrid, the head of sales, joined IAMFASHION in June 2020.


Sarah graduated from the Royal Academy of Anvers and worked for several luxury brands. Disappointed with the fashion industry, she decided to take a year off. During this period of time, she met the love of her life - Raphaël. Together, they started to share a common passion - music. She finally found the right balance between working in the fashion industry and making music. However, two years ago she felt that she wanted to create something that looked like her, a brand that she can build from scratch.


"C'est pas juste des vidéos que tu regardes. Et puis il se passe rien. Là, en fait, il y a une main qui est tendue constamment. Et ça, c'est extrêmement rassurant quand on n'y connait rien au digital."


In 2019, she founded her brand Sarah de Saint Hubert. She succeeded to create a strong brand DNA where she mixed music and premium...

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How did Suny multiply its online revenue by 6 in 4 months?

case study Mar 20, 2021

Stéphanie and Laetitia, the founders of the brand, joined IAMFASHION in November 2020.

"Et du coup, on s'est dit ça peut-être chouette si on développe des compétences par le programme. Nous ce qui nous a plu, c'est que tu dises, je vous fais monter en compétence. C'est pas je fais les choses pour vous et après vous êtes dépendantes de moi. C'est je vous apprend à devenir indépendantes et à apprendre des choses que vous ne savez pas faire."

Stéphanie and Laetitia are the two sisters of a family of four daughters. After a career in fashion for Laetitia and in the pharmaceutical sector for Stephanie; the two sisters decided to bring their next project to life together. Both were tired from Fast Fashion and wanted more sustainable products. In 2019, Suny was born from a common passion for good basic clothes well made and comfortable.

After multiple pop-ups and collaborations, the first lockdown was...

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How CLAP became visible and noticed in one year!

case study Jan 22, 2021

Today, we are sharing how Inga Grinko transformed CLAP Paris into a promising digital brand. Since then the label never stopped growing! Great achievements of Clap’s digital strategy formed IAMFASHION program basics et Clap became a clear example of success for our members.

"Cette année, on a multiplié le chiffre d'affaires par 6 par rapport à l'année dernière. Donc c'est un gros gap. "

Laura shares with us her entrepreneurial experience. It's been 3 years and a half since she founded her brand. She had the idea when she was getting married. She was looking for a gift for her witnesses, something original. She remembered that her mother was wearing a “shoe clip” and that was it! Her witnesses started to clip it everywhere and CLAP was born! 

She met Inga Grinko in April 2019. She wanted to bring Clap to the next step and boost its digital presence. Her brand was not powerful enough on the Internet and didn’t generate...

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How “Petite and So What” transformed a blog into a fashion brand?


Julie, the brand founder,  joined IAMFASHION in July 2020.

" À un moment donné, je me suis dit si je n'arrive pas à faire décoller les ventes rapidement, dans tous les cas, dans 3 mois, je vais devoir arrêter Petite and So What. Du coup, je suis tombée sur une pub Facebook de IAMFASHION et là j'ai eu le premier entretien avec toi, et là franchement ta méthode m'a complètement convaincu." 

Julie is 1m52 tall and she was always uncomfortable with existing fashion brands. It was about remaking and adjusting her wardrobe each time she bought something. In 2015, she started a blog to help short women like her dress with style. In 2017, during her pregnancy, she took the decision to create her own fashion brand and quit her job. Engineer and financial specialist, she finally decides to follow her dream. It’s important for her to “become who you want to be” and show an example to her newborn...

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How Ōkan Studio became profitable in 7 months.

case study Dec 12, 2020

Margaux Gripon, the brand’s founder, joined IAMFASHION in May 2020.

" Le premier confinement a été, je pense, pour tout monde, super dur. Et en même temps c’était une manière où  tout le monde  devait être super créatif pour justement réussir à pivoter, à trouver d’autres resources de revenus. Et c’est à ce moment là où je me suis dit, j’investis dans la pub,  mais encore très timidement, comment est-ce que je peux faire pour vraiment décoller ? Et je n’avais pas les outils pour vraiment augmenter mes investissements de manière sereine. C’est à ce moment que je me suis dit il faut que je trouve de l’aide pour faire exploser mes ventes en ligne. Parce que c’est le seul moyen que j’ai de faire grandir ma marque. "

Margaux always dreamt to be a stylist but she decided to study business...

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How Ephyre transformed a B2B business to become a digital brand in 3 months?

case study Dec 04, 2020

Meet Ephyre 

Emmanuelle Barre, the brand’s founder,  joined IAMFASHION in July 2020.

"Je leur dis courez-y ! Si vous avez du temps pour vous impliquer et que voulez avoir des effets rapides, surtout allez-y...parce que je ne regrette pas du tout d'avoir fait ce choix là. C'est un investissement financier mais qui vaut vraiment le coup. Donc,
je recommande à chaque fois le programme."

After her career as a stylist at famous luxury Parisian brands, Emmanuelle founded her brand in 2015. She makes exclusively accessible luxury leather bags and only collaborates with French craftsmen. She works with tanneries that have an ethical and ecological approach. 


After five years of selling exclusively to shops she has realized that she would better come up with a stronger digital strategy to reboot the brand. This year, when major lockdowns happened, she found herself with lots of canceled orders from buyers and much inventory left unsold. Although she...

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How Barje Paris turned from a physical to a digital brand and made 30k€ a month?

case study Nov 27, 2020

Meet Barjé. 

Clara and Camille, two co-founders, joined IAMFASHION in July 2020.


"C'est  grâce au programme qu'on en est là aujourd'hui...Mais c'est vrai que ça nous a donné un super coup de boost et que c'est vraiment le meilleur investissement, qu'on a fait.

Si on n'avait pas appris tout ça, on serait toujours en train de faire des pubs un peu foireuses qui sont montrées à des hommes qui ont 60 ans. Au début, on eu beaucoup à apprendre et c'est la différence. Après, je pense qu'on a encore des trucs à peaufiner. Et on parle beaucoup de Facebook ads, mais ce n'est pas que ça. Site Internet, Pinterest, pleins de trucs qu'on a appris."


Clara and Camille have been good friends for years. They decided to change their lives and created Barje in October 2019. Their idea was simple: how to offer different clothes to women. They’ve remarked that often women wear...

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