How Les Ultraviolettes tripled its revenue online in less than 1 year ?

Sep 22, 2021

Juliette, the founder, joined IAMFASHION in october 2021. 

Graduated in marketing and management, Juliette started her career in Barcelona in a consulting office specialized in textile. Afterwards, she worked in production - swimwear and lingerie - for different luxury brands in Paris. In 2012, she decided to launch her brand, Les Ultraviolettes. 🌞👙

"C'est bien d'avoir via le programme de la formation du soutien par rapport aux problématiques quotidiennes qu'on peut avoir sur le digital."

It has been 10 years since Juliette is designing a swimwear collection that protects skin from UV for women, children and men. She was mainly selling through wholesalers and didn't know really well about her client’s behaviour online. She had an e-shop on Prestashop platform and was dependent on her developper. She wanted to manage her website on her own and build her custom-made digital strategy. 💻😊

After joining IAMFASHION, she rebuilt her website on Shopify. She learnt technical skills and was able to manage her sales online by herself. She felt less lonely, surrounded by coaches in her business development online. She left her comfort zone and was able to transform her brand according to the “New school” principles. She established her SEO strategy and designed a media plan. She manages her facebook ads on her own and feels more confident about her online strategy today. As she knows her client better, she quickly found the right audiences for her ads. In one year she tripled her revenu online, and increased her customer base. 🌈🤩

"On apprend plein de choses, je dois dire que les modules que tu as crée sont très bien, c'est vraiment très détaillé. Quand on écoute une vidéo, il faut prendre le temps car elle est longue. Et du coup elle est longue parce que tout est détaillé."

What’s her secret? 

She built a strong notoriety based on her product quality. She designed a collection with a basic neutral shape that every customer can wear for life. It is a timeless long lasting design. She also creates a homewear collection for the winter season, to uplevel her brand identity. She has a strong relationship with her clients, and always gives personal advice. She succeeded in creating trust relationships with her customers online. 📲🍀 

Juliette achieved her goals in less than one year! She manages her eshop alone, and transformed her brand to a digital native one. She feels stronger thanks to the IAMFASHION community, she can daily have advice. It is her success story! 🌟

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