How Barje Paris turned from a physical to a digital brand and made 30k€ a month?

case study Nov 27, 2020

Meet Barjé. 

Clara and Camille, two co-founders, joined IAMFASHION in July 2020.


"C'est  grâce au programme qu'on en est là aujourd'hui...Mais c'est vrai que ça nous a donné un super coup de boost et que c'est vraiment le meilleur investissement, qu'on a fait.

Si on n'avait pas appris tout ça, on serait toujours en train de faire des pubs un peu foireuses qui sont montrées à des hommes qui ont 60 ans. Au début, on eu beaucoup à apprendre et c'est la différence. Après, je pense qu'on a encore des trucs à peaufiner. Et on parle beaucoup de Facebook ads, mais ce n'est pas que ça. Site Internet, Pinterest, pleins de trucs qu'on a appris."


Clara and Camille have been good friends for years. They decided to change their lives and created Barje in October 2019. Their idea was simple: how to offer different clothes to women. They’ve remarked that often women wear similar dresses at weddings and different events. They were looking for a unique value while keeping an eye on  “sustainable awareness” for the brand and consumer. 


At the first time, they wanted to develop their brand through pop-up shops and events but they realized that digital was the only way to promote their brand. Their launch date fell during the first global lockdown, in April 2020. They quickly realized that they needed to learn the best tools available on the market as quickly as possible to transform their model into digital.


After joining the IAMFASHION Program, they successfully followed all the steps to start their Facebook Ads and managed to have orders very quickly. They went through the test phase for the first 10 days and finally made their biggest month - €30k in September 2020. Very fast customers were there, looking for the originality and authenticity of the brand.  Their best seller, a two-piece jumpsuit, was sold out!  And some pieces are out of stock during the first 3 days only! In just a couple of months they gained 5000 followers on Instagram and got new subscribers on their website. They have optimized their website with different applications and keep acquiring new clients day after day!  



What’s their secret ? 

 "L'avantage du programme, c'est de très vite avoir accès à savoir ce qu'on peut faire avec quelle appli. On a vite optimisé notre site. Sinon, je pense qu'on serait encore en train de tâtonner. En fait, je pense que c'est le cas de beaucoup de marques.

Pour les gens qui sont des stylistes, ou créateurs ou qui travaillent en marketing, en finance, mais qui n'ont pas une expertise digitale. C'est nécessaire de passer par là pour y arriver. Il faut avoir une maîtrise presque parfaite du digital, probablement pour y arriver. Aujourd'hui, il est vrai que sans ça, à quoi ressemblerait notre site."

They design very few pieces in limited quantities each time. They’ve launched with only 5 products each declined in different colors made of scraps of fabrics from luxury Parisian fashion houses. They manufacture their collections in Europe. Their clothes are multifunctional - a jacket can be worn in different ways depending on the situation.  They are a perfect example of modern marketing tactics in fashion, when filming themselves at their showroom-appartement is just enough to create an authentic brand image. 


They preach what they wear. They show how to wear it. They are the perfect ambassadors of their own brand.  They make short drops into their website each month and manage to spontaneously seduce their clients month after month. They exclusively sell on their website and keep opening new digital channels. The brand is only 6 months old and is already the perfect example of a native digital brand! 


We are so proud of their achievements. Today Camille and Clara share with us their story. Watch their full interview with Inga Grinko.  


To discover more of their world, follow them on Instagram account @Barje_Paris and visit their website

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