How does Christel Bussière sell everyday on the Internet?

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2021

Christel  joined IAMFASHION in novembre 2020.

After a career in Finance, Christel decided to live her passion. She always was fascinated by savoir faire and jewels. She wanted to learn something new that will make her simply happy in her daily life. She needed to express her creativity. She started to learn glassmaking with artisans and created her own jewels brand under her name. 

" Jusqu'au jour où j'ai cliqué sur ce fameux lien que j'ai vue ta première vidéo qui durait quasiment une heure. Et je me suis dit alors c'est bon, là, c'est la personne qui sait de quoi elle parle qui a une méthode qui sait expliquer pourquoi ça marche."

At the beginning, she worked with freelancers o create her website and manage her social media. But she did not feel comfortable with the process, sales were irregular and  she needed to manage everything on her own. She wanted to learn how to be profitable online, and being 100% independent with her business. 

"Dans le programme, ça c'est bien, on est vraiment accompagné. On voit toute cette méthode, de qui cibler, à quel moment. On a toutes une vidéo vocale en poche. "

After joining IAMFASHION, she realized how it was important to understand her client. She learned how to analyze her market and adapt her product accordingly. She switched to Shopify, to manage easier her e-shop. She was independent and she was able to fix technical issues. She was aware of social media’s impact on customers, so she established her own media plan. She worked on her message, image and brand identity to be perfectly prepared for her FB ads. She knows her audience and creates her ads accordingly. She generated a large amount of emails, and started selling daily and became profitable. 

"Quand tu nous conseilles, c'est quasiment comme si c'était ton business, c'est pas juste un conseil vite fait, tu t'impliques vraiment dans le business de tes clients et enfin, on le ressent. Et c'est ça qui est génial. C'est nos succès sont tes succès."

What’s her secret ? 

Christel is passionate about what she does, she loves making jewels. Every part of her design is made of glass beads. She understands perfectly her client’s way of living and adjusts her offer accordingly. Design is authentic and contemporary thanks to her artisanal approach. 

"Inga c'est la Etchebest de la Mode." 

 We are so proud of her achievement. It is her success story! 🌟




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