How did Elleanore de Provence become profitable online rapidly?

case study May 29, 2021

Meet Sarah from @elleanordeprovence 

Sarah Gabel, the founder of Elleanor de Provence joined IAMFASHION in october 2020.

After a career in Human Resources, she decided to live her passion. She was impressed by the women in her family. They were dressed classy without putting on too much. She wanted to create a brand that embraced this state of mind. She kicked off her brand with a crowdfunding campaign in 2019. 📲

"Et en fait, ce qui est génial dans ton programme, c'est que qu'il n'y a rien perçu comme un échec. Et je me suis tout de suite dit bah en fait c'est pas grave, j'apprends et et je vais faire différemment et de toute façon ça va marcher. " 

Originally French and English, she was inspired by Eleonore de Provence, a powerful woman who lived in Provence and became queen of England. She wanted to make a woman feel powerful when wearing her brand. 🤩

At the beginning, her business was a tupperware based model. She gathered women to demonstrate clothes and sell them. She wanted to meet her clients to talk to them. But the first lockdown made her rethink her business. She realized how important Digital was, and decided to embrace the Internet. She needed help to achieve the results. 💻💁🏻‍♀️

After joining IAMFASHION, she applies a strong digital strategy by learning how to use the right tools. She migrates her website on Shopify and changes her brand image accordingly. She created a strong message that she was able to communicate on different social media. She started the FB ads, and generates 5 sales per day, every day. She doubled the quantity of her customer base and acquired new clients quickly. Other brands started to contact her for collaborations. She gained notoriety and became visible on the internet. Congrats ! ✨

"Clairement, je pense que tout de suite j'ai eu confiance. Et je me fie souvent à ce que vous dites parce que voilà les résultats sont prouvés. Je fais maintenant jusqu'à 5 ventes par jour. "

What’s her secret? 

Sarah creates designs that suit her clients perfectly. She built a strong relationship with them. She has put in place a pre-order system, so clients can improve the fit. She gained flexibility adjusting sizes before production. She creates a desire while customers wait for 3 weeks to be delivered. Her clothes are made of upcycled fabrics in France. 🌈👁

Elleanor de Provence brand has a strong image. Sarah knows her target audience and learns from it. She found more interaction selling through her website than before. She trusts numbers and this is how her business is growing while being profitable. 🌟

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