Getting Results is a matter of time and process

existing brands Apr 03, 2020

If you were in the fashion business for some years and you cannot reach your audience, this post is for you. 


Maybe you've started your brand as your passion, or you had a brilliant idea, and now you realize that it doesn't take off. 


There's something important I want to share with you. 


When it comes to business, passion is not enough. 


The idea is nothing compared to the execution and how you get the things done. 


Most of the designers have a misconception of how the business should work.


This misconception can impact your investments, time and results. 


Common mistakes are :  


  • The desire to get quick results (like your competitors did). 
  • Lack of focus on what's the most vital for business, the cash. 
  • Copying what others are doing (because they look successful).
  • Wrong beliefs that stop you from trying something you think is not possible. 
  • Staying in the comfort zone most of your time.



So if you recognize some of those patterns in you, it's already a good starting point. 


The thing is you cannot get results until you trust yourself and the process you're trying to install.


The process is about trusting in what you feel is the right decision. 


Even if you do not know precisely how to get to the endpoint, you still feel that you're getting there with that decision taken. 


Once the decision is taken, you need to STICK TO IT and BELIEVE that the results will come. 


It's still something intangible that you cannot see. 


It's a feeling that you're moving in the right direction.  


If you start something and drop, then again, start and drop, and so on. 


In the end, you will say: "Oh, I've tried everything."  


But what about this? 


Have you tried to trust in the process? 


When starting something which feels right, how much time did you give it to see the results? 


If you start something that can change your business in the long run, such as Instagram or FB ads, how long have you been doing that to get results? 


How long have you tried, tested, innovated, iterated, learned, made mistakes, but still believed in this one thing that can move your business forward? 


How long? 


Let me tell this simple truth if you want to make your business skyrocket one day. 


Believe that the result will come once you trust the process. 


Have this unsharable focus towards your ultimate goal, which is your successful brand. 


Consistency, systems, and actions are a part of this process. 


But most importantly is your BELIEF and TRUST in what you do no matter what you see now, in the present moment. 


Because by doing what you believe in now, you create tomorrow of your dreams. 


Don't stop. Believe. 


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