How did SDSH became a digital native brand ?

case study Apr 24, 2021

Sarah, the founder of the brand and Astrid, the head of sales, joined IAMFASHION in June 2020.


Sarah graduated from the Royal Academy of Anvers and worked for several luxury brands. Disappointed with the fashion industry, she decided to take a year off. During this period of time, she met the love of her life - Raphaël. Together, they started to share a common passion - music. She finally found the right balance between working in the fashion industry and making music. However, two years ago she felt that she wanted to create something that looked like her, a brand that she can build from scratch. 🤩💓


"C'est pas juste des vidéos que tu regardes. Et puis il se passe rien. Là, en fait, il y a une main qui est tendue constamment. Et ça, c'est extrêmement rassurant quand on n'y connait rien au digital."


In 2019, she founded her brand Sarah de Saint Hubert. She succeeded to create a strong brand DNA where she mixed music and premium authentic fashion design. A unique founder, she started to collaborate with Astrid mainly for sales in stores. It was the only channel for sales. So Sarah felt stressed about not delivering the right item at the right time. She did not feel free with her own agenda, controlled by the wholesale dictate. She wanted to be independent. At the same time, Astrid became fascinated by digital strategies. She wanted to learn more on how to build a brand online. It was the perfect match! 🌟🌟🌟


"Moi, pour ma part, c'était de grandir en compétences. je trouvais ça très excitant qu'en effet, tu nous apprenais à apprendre et que tu nous apprenais à avoir des nouvelles compétences."


After joining IAMFASHION, together they learned how to build a strong digital brand. They understood how it was important to create a persuasive selling machine, such as emailing, automations, and performing website. They started their Facebook ads one month ago, and it was a success. They doubled their revenue and became profitable online. 💻👁

"Je crois c'est ce qui a fait qu'on a choisi IAMFASHION, c'est vraiment et c'est d'ailleurs ce qui nous maintient aujourd'hui, et ce qui fait qu'on s'accroche, c'est cette idée d'autonomie."

What’s her secret? 

Sarah always looks ahead and creates collections that have a meaning for her and her clients. She shares her passion with her community and knows what her customer needs. She is really cultivated and shares her passion for music.  More than a brand, it is a way of living.🎸🤸🎹


SDSH is the best example of a brand that started with a wholesale and learned how to transform its business model into a premium fashion digital native brand. In less than a year, they succeed to be fully independent by selling collections when they want and what they want. Sarah just follows her rythme, and that is what makes her brand successful. She listens to her heart!  🌈🌟💫


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