How CLAP became visible and noticed in one year!

case study Jan 22, 2021

Today, we are sharing how Inga Grinko transformed CLAP Paris into a promising digital brand. Since then the label never stopped growing! Great achievements of Clap’s digital strategy formed IAMFASHION program basics et Clap became a clear example of success for our members.

"Cette année, on a multiplié le chiffre d'affaires par 6 par rapport à l'année dernière. Donc c'est un gros gap. "

Laura shares with us her entrepreneurial experience. It's been 3 years and a half since she founded her brand. She had the idea when she was getting married. She was looking for a gift for her witnesses, something original. She remembered that her mother was wearing a “shoe clip” and that was it! Her witnesses started to clip it everywhere and CLAP was born! 

She met Inga Grinko in April 2019. She wanted to bring Clap to the next step and boost its digital presence. Her brand was not powerful enough on the Internet and didn’t generate sales.

Inga came up with a strong digital strategy allowing Clap to successfully multiply its revenue by 6 in one year ! What she did was:  migrate her Woocommerce site on Shopify and improve customer journey. She studied her ideal client and found a vocabulary that fits the target customer. The new visual identity brought clarity including Laura’s tutorials explaining how to clip clap for a larger audience. Inga put a selling machine in place, allowing  her to grow her mailing list and achieve multiple thousands of interested potential customers and grow revenue on both paid and unpaid traffic. 

"Ça a été un boost de maboul et que sans ça CLAP n'en serait pas là. C'est un budget mais tu te rentabilises très vite."

Influenceurs started to share her iconic Claps.  More people started to follow her brand on Instagram to be part of her adventure. People started to come to her, including great collaborations with famous brands, such as Carel, Figaret, Minelli, Balzac and Bristol. 

Laura explains how it is important to build a strong community on social networks, and not hesitate to ask them to validate new colors or design. She shares the importance of being aware of costs to analyse properly investments into Digital marketing. Find the right balance between the value and the offer, because the good price makes people buy.  She is now building her own team and is really happy to share her passion with others. She points how it is important to let others express their ideas, it is rewarding for the team and the energy of her brand.  Just be fun and enjoy what you do! 

Inga emphasizes the fact that staying focused on one goal which is sales helps to grow faster.  One step at a time. A positive mindset is 80% of success, the other 20% is work.

At the end, Laura will say that the secret is simply to be happy with what you do. Always feel motivated by what you create and you will fly to make your dream come true. 

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