How did Suny multiply its online revenue by 6 in 4 months?

case study Mar 20, 2021

Stéphanie and Laetitia, the founders of the brand, joined IAMFASHION in November 2020.

"Et du coup, on s'est dit ça peut-être chouette si on développe des compétences par le programme. Nous ce qui nous a plu, c'est que tu dises, je vous fais monter en compétence. C'est pas je fais les choses pour vous et après vous êtes dépendantes de moi. C'est je vous apprend à devenir indépendantes et à apprendre des choses que vous ne savez pas faire."

Stéphanie and Laetitia are the two sisters of a family of four daughters. After a career in fashion for Laetitia and in the pharmaceutical sector for Stephanie; the two sisters decided to bring their next project to life together. Both were tired from Fast Fashion and wanted more sustainable products. In 2019, Suny was born from a common passion for good basic clothes well made and comfortable. 👚

After multiple pop-ups and collaborations, the first lockdown was the first alert to move more towards online. Even though in the first year, they managed to sell 70% of their inventory, they wanted to grow their brand and acquire a larger community. They wanted to improve their skills and move their brand to the next level. 🧐

After joining the IAMFASHION program, they learned how to target the right market according to their ideal client. They improved the DNA of their brand in order to make their eshop efficient. They learned new tools such as mailing automation allowing them to generate 630 new mails. Thanks to FB ads, their revenue has been multiplied by 6 and traffic by 10 generating sales everyday. 🔝😀

"Avec tout le programme, on a des commandes tous les jours avec un panier moyen de 90€." 

What's their secret?

Stéphanie and Laetitia have created a timeless basic product from a custom-knitted material. They offer more than 12 references, with fit variations and in different colors. Their product is sustainable, comfortable and stylish. They don’t have returns and their customers' reviews are always positive about their purchase. No disappointment, just the pleasure of wearing a product that is simple and trendy. 🌏✨

"Je pense que c'est un programme qui est hyper bien fait, que les modules filmés sont hyper utiles. Et qu'on peut vraiment les visionner, re-visionner autant qu'on veut."

Suny continues to grow!  Its notoriety is getting larger and its good price for quality wins loyal customers. The brand's image responds to a constant need: a pleasure to feel good in a cloth that never goes out of fashion. 🤩 

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