How Ephyre transformed a B2B business to become a digital brand in 3 months?

case study Dec 04, 2020

Meet Ephyre 

Emmanuelle Barre, the brand’s founder,  joined IAMFASHION in July 2020.

"Je leur dis courez-y ! Si vous avez du temps pour vous impliquer et que voulez avoir des effets rapides, surtout allez-y...parce que je ne regrette pas du tout d'avoir fait ce choix là. C'est un investissement financier mais qui vaut vraiment le coup. Donc,
je recommande à chaque fois le programme."

After her career as a stylist at famous luxury Parisian brands, Emmanuelle founded her brand in 2015. She makes exclusively accessible luxury leather bags and only collaborates with French craftsmen. She works with tanneries that have an ethical and ecological approach. 


After five years of selling exclusively to shops she has realized that she would better come up with a stronger digital strategy to reboot the brand. This year, when major lockdowns happened, she found herself with lots of canceled orders from buyers and much inventory left unsold. Although she already had an e-shop, it was not selling.

She has joined IAMFASHION Program with two purposes : 

1/ sell the inventory on her website 

2/ give a second chance to the brand


She successfully started her Facebook Ads and sold almost all her inventory in one month. In one month she was already doing what she would do in a year in terms of revenue ! 


Not only has she managed to transform her business, but she has changed her life too.  

She became more independent in managing her time, found support in the program's community and made buyers come to her instead of prospecting for them. 


She changed her vision regarding digital marketing by realizing how beneficial it was to build a direct relationship with her clients. Her brand gains a strong notoriety month after month and becomes a real example of a native digital brand!

Also, instead of manufacturing in advance, she takes pre-orders for new collections, in such a way she controls her cashflow. She now works on a long term strategy for the brand. 

" Moi, ce qui m'a covaincu dans le programme , c'était d'avoir quelque chose d'assez global, ce qu'on a toujours, quelqu'un qui peut nous aider, sur le site web, quelqu'un qui peut nous aider sur l'image. Quelqu'un a qui peut nous aider sur le commercial, mais on a jamais quelqu'un qui  peut nous aider sur tout d'un coup. Et là, au moins, c'est fluide parce qu'on passe vraiment en revu toutes les étapes d'une marque digitale à succès."

What’s her secret ? 

She designs exclusive pieces in limited quantities with a strong value proposition: every bag can be worn in different manners - over shoulder, cross body bag or backpack. She manufacturers her collections in France and has a real human approach with her artisans. She takes time to make products and avoids following the fashion season's schedule. She knows what her customers want. She creates her own visuals - videos and images - that makes her brand stand out and authentic. She suggests a new image of luxury close to consumers.

Today Emmanuelle Barre shares with us her story. Watch their full interview with Inga Grinko now on IGTV.  

To discover more of Ephyre’s world, follow her on Instagram account @Ephyre_Paris and visit her website

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