How to find joy in managing your e-commerce website

e-commerce manage website Apr 05, 2020

Building a fashion designer brand is no more about managing a creative part. 

You need to be multitasking to get results out of your business. 

Multi-tasking means being able:

  • Building your website.
  • Knowing how to attract traffic to your website. 
  • Learning how people interact with your products and discover your site.
  • Understanding how to help your customers in their discovery journey. 
  • Realizing how to use leverage to build valuable offers and more sales.


Data is everything in your business:

  • it's the oxygen of your e-com business.
  • It's how you grow and establish a profitable brand.  
  • If you do not know how to use it, you need to learn it.


Based on data you can build:

  • Profitable fb ads (both cold and warm traffic). 
  • New offers (this is what will convert your ads into profitable ones).
  • Bundles (yep, if you know what sells best together go for it).
  • Create new products. 
  • Know which products to pull out and when. 


It's not enough to have a website. 

You need to manage it. 

To learn from it, to understand your customer journey and experience with your website. 

But the question you might ask.

If I don't like it and don't know it, how can I enjoy the process of managing a website? 


In fact, you need to apply the same principle as if you were managing your product creation: 


You need to be creative: 

  • in the way approaching your customers 
  • building your offers
  • collect ideas for your next collections 
  • build your Facebook ads


Learn to be creative when trying to understand your customers means being able to master tools and use them to your advantage. 


For instance: 

  • How can Google Analytics help you be creative? 
  • Or Hotjar can bring you valuable insight about your website usage? 

Imagine this: 

By using e-commerce plugin on GA you can easily have a one-shot picture of your best-selling products and get on top only those that you sell best. 

By doing so, you can attract more customers to the product that is most likely to convert. 

So instead of thinking what to put on my landing page, connecting to the GA resolves all your questions. 

When it comes to knowledge, why not to ask customers how was the purchase on your site? 

And use Hotjar to ask questions. Buy asking questions. You can pull so much information that will help you to improve the customer journey on your website. 


In the end, it becomes fun and joyful when making all those small improvements that make you closer to your customer. 


And you improve your sales and customer loyalty at the same time.  


The joy comes in the process, so start, do the work and measure how each small change impacts your business. 


Take care and lots of success with your website! 







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