How did Maaxine found her market online and build a brand?

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2021

Marie-France, the founder, joined IAMFASHION in may 2020.

 After a career in finances, Marie-France decided to live her passion. The shirt was her job uniform. So she decided to create a brand to rethink this essential women's wardrobe piece. She founded Maaxine with one shirt collection. 


"Le programme IAMFASHION a été une révolution intellectuelle pour moi."


Marie-France started to create her brand by following the old school principales. She thought of starting with trade exhibitions to get wholesale contacts first. She quickly realized that she was not at the right place as a young designer without any brand reputation. She didn’t fit into the traditional wholesale system. She realized that she didn’t want to be a prisoner of this model. The yellow jackets mouvement and then first lockdown helped her to realize that selling online was the solution. It is a way to be 100% independent in managing her brand from A to Z. 👁📲


"À un moment, il faut passer une étape. Il faut avoir des clientes qui achètent car elles aiment le produit. " 


After joining IAMFASHION, she analyzed her market and targeted her ideal client. She was able to establish her own digital strategy in less than 6 months. She rebuilt her product offer and the price to adapt it to her target market. She determined her brand image according to her customers’ profiles. She found the perfect balance between her organic and paid media strategy. Her brand is presently profibale, she sells online every day. She said, “The IAMFASHION program was an intellectual revolution for me.” 💓💻


"Et ce programme m'a énormément appris de choses et ça m'a permis aussi de changer ma façon de voir, ma façon de travailler."


What’s her secret? 

 Marie-France designs shirts made in France. She creates two lines: a pleated cotton shirt and the other one in silk with prints.  She collaborates with a graphic designer to create her own pattern print. Her best-seller is a shirt with pleated back which makes it so unique. She was sold out as soon as she revised her prices and she reviewed her production process. Her clients feel secure with her product and they know that they will keep it for a long time. A long lasting garment is always a good investment. 🤩


Maaxine became a 100% digital brand in less than 6 month! Marie-France is fully independent, and really happy in what she is doing. She is living the life she wants as an entrepreneur. It is her success story! And it is just the beginning! 😊💓



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