How Ōkan Studio became profitable in 7 months.

case study Dec 12, 2020

Margaux Gripon, the brand’s founder, joined IAMFASHION in May 2020.

" Le premier confinement a été, je pense, pour tout monde, super dur. Et en même temps c’était une manière où  tout le monde  devait être super créatif pour justement réussir à pivoter, à trouver d’autres resources de revenus. Et c’est à ce moment là où je me suis dit, j’investis dans la pub,  mais encore très timidement, comment est-ce que je peux faire pour vraiment décoller ? Et je n’avais pas les outils pour vraiment augmenter mes investissements de manière sereine. C’est à ce moment que je me suis dit il faut que je trouve de l’aide pour faire exploser mes ventes en ligne. Parce que c’est le seul moyen que j’ai de faire grandir ma marque. "

Margaux always dreamt to be a stylist but she decided to study business instead of design. After her career in marketing at L’Oréal, she decides to create her own jewelry brand. It’s in Japan where she realized how a piece of jewelry can be powerful and how it can change perception of oneself. She named her brand “Ōkan” meaning “crown”  in Japanese. 

She started to design her first collection in 3D.  She came up with prototypes and tested her products and the concept with potential clients. A year after she launched her eshop, in September 2019, and presented a brand during a popup store. But after the first lockdown, she realized that she needed to extend her community and need more exposure. Although she had an eshop, she noticed that she should focus on building a strong community. 


After joining the IAMFASHION, Margaux reviewed her vision and the mission. She wanted to deliver the right message to the right clients. And it worked! Soon after she started her FB ads, she grew her revenue 5 times. She tested different audiences to find the right client. She now manages better her investment because she found what works for her. Her brand gains followers and keeps improving its notoriety by being closer to her customers. 


What’s her secret? 

"J’étais assez impressionnée par le cheminement, la réflexion, que j’ai trouvé vraiment plein de bons sens. C’est comment ordonner ses affaires pour faire en sorte que les pubs fonctionnent. C’est comprendre qui on veut aller toucher avec quel message. J’ai trouvé ça très bien construit, très bien préparé et j’ai pris du plaisir à faire le travail de préparation. C’était un vrai moment de se reposer et de se recentrer. "

She started with one line named Nami Edition composed of ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace, declined in three colors : gold brass, pink brass and silver brass. She designs in Paris and manufactures in a sustainable workshop in Portugal. She really tried to understand her customer from the beginning, before even launching a brand. And thanks IAMFASHION she went deeper into her knowledge. She realized how being closer to her clients can really help the business to grow and stabilize its performance.

She has a vision of a strong woman who wears her jewelry and she manages to create an image of an accessible luxury jewelry brand. She has a true desire to help women feel confident with her designs. She innovates each time she thinks about jewelry and comes up with bold ideas. Such as her last collection where she completely reviewed the way we wear a necklace and how a chain can adjust according to our style and desires.

The brand emphasizes women empowerment and self-confidence and uses digital tools to establish this new way of thinking.    

We are so proud of her achievements. Today Margaux Gripon shares with us her story. Watch her full interview with Inga Grinko.  

To discover more of Ōkan Studio’s world, follow her on Instagram account @Okan_Studio and visit her website


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