How Paloma Germain grew her French Turbans Brand online from 5 to 30 orders per month

case study Nov 24, 2020

Meet Paloma Germain, 

Paloma joined IAMFASHION in April 2020.

" Moi généralement je dis fonce, fonce, ne perd pas de temps parce qu'il y n'a pas de temps à perdre. Simplement, et c'est exactement ce que tu m'as dit, tu m'as dit vas y, ne perds pas ton temps, parce que ça met du temps. Et ben moi, je dis fonce, y'a pas mieux, en fait, parce que finalement, c'est un très bon investissement. C'est probablement le meilleur investissement que tu puisses faire pour ton business." 

She created her extremely feminine brand of turbans in 2016 four years ago. She mainly focused on pop-ups and exhibitions to promote her work. But soon she realized that it was not the way she wanted to develop her brand.  


The first lockdown has only accelerated this transformation. Her brand required digital uplifting to allow her to become independent. It was not possible to sell on the existing website. 


After joining the IAMFASHION Program she managed to migrate her website to Shopify and build a completely new up-to-date eshop. Soon she started generating 30-35 orders per month and extended her following on social networks. She is fully independent now and she learned how to manage her e-shop from A to Z, generate traffic through organic and paid methods, create attractive content on social media and she finally feels supported in her business. It is as she was having a partner.

Now she is ready to conquer the world thanks to her new digital strategy!


What’s her secret ? 

Paloma Germain creates her turbans from exclusive Italian and French fabrics. She is 100% focused on her customers and tests new collections with her best clients first. 

She was the first to come up with three different sizes for a turban. Women can adapt this essential piece of women’s wardrobe step by step from a small headband to a larger turban. She learned how to make videos to demonstrate her know-how. In such a way she can explain and show all the draping techniques to her audience. 


Her collections are always up to date and full of variations from classical to colorful designs. She builds a vision of a new female elegance. 


We are so proud of her achievements. Today Paloma shares with us her story. Watch her full interview with Inga Grinko now.  

To discover more of her world, follow her on Instagram visit her new website

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