Use these 3 steps to launch you brand

brand launch Apr 03, 2020

Today I talked with two founders looking to launch a fashion brand.

These are the questions raised from the talk:


  • Should we start with both wholesale and online? 
  • How to start a brand on digital platforms? 
  • Should we kick off the business with FB ads? 


  1. Start online 

It's no more a secret that with the current coronavirus pandemic, retail is suffering more than anything. 

Orders are canceled. 

Designers found themselves without money, sales while cumulating the unpaid debts. 

The situation is so serious that many emerging brands are about to disappear.

There's no more sense to depend on someone's will and waiting for orders and payments because retailers are weak. 

The best way to create your story and get paid regularly at a fair price every single day is to have your online brand 

Plus, the main reason why you should exclusively start online is that you can offer better prices to your customers. 

Besides, You can focus on one channel, and it is only a winning situation in the long run for your brand. 


2. Test first


Never start a brand straight from the website, Instagram account or anything official with polished images.

And what if the story that you tell doesn't resonate with your ideal customers? 

What if, instead of thinking about your customers, you made a website that resonates only with you, the founder? 

It happens because most of us are living our own reality. 

It's like seeing on your Facebook feed only stories similar to those that you liked. 

Facebook is continually adapting the content to please you more, and it will only pull what you might like. 

That means that you keep your eyes closed while surfing your feed. 

Nothing new comes up, only what you're already familiar with. 

So how on earth can you create a brand that relevant to your Ideal customer if you do not know him or her? 

The first thing to do is to create your customer profile, get them on the phone, and talk to them. 

Once you get the insight, you want to start designing several messages that may please them and test those messages. 

The message that brought you sales is the one that will bring more sales later.


3. Confirm and spread the message with FB 

If you haven't tested your target market, that's means that you don't have a proven concept.

You cannot use Facebook to test your messages. 

Facebook is good when you know who you want to attract to your brand and how. 

It is possible in one condition: that you have tested your market and your audience and know what works organically.

In this case, Facebook will be a perfect tool for you to amplify your message. 

But it's not how you start. 

It's how you scale what already works. 

If you're looking for help to launch your fashion brand and more clarity, book a free strategy talk now and exploit on possible approaches to launch your brand.

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