Getting Results is a matter of time and process

existing brands Apr 03, 2020

If you were in the fashion business for some years and you cannot reach your audience, this post is for you. 


Maybe you've started your brand as your passion, or you had a brilliant idea, and now you realize that it doesn't take off. 


There's something important I want to share with you. 


When it comes to business, passion is not enough. 


The idea is nothing compared to the execution and how you get the things done. 


Most of the designers have a misconception of how the business should work.


This misconception can impact your investments, time and results. 


Common mistakes are :  


  • The desire to get quick results (like your competitors did). 
  • Lack of focus on what's the most vital for business, the cash. 
  • Copying what others are doing (because they look successful).
  • Wrong beliefs that stop you from trying something you think is not possible. 
  • Staying in the comfort zone...
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