How to find joy in managing your e-commerce website

e-commerce manage website Apr 05, 2020

Building a fashion designer brand is no more about managing a creative part. 

You need to be multitasking to get results out of your business. 

Multi-tasking means being able:

  • Building your website.
  • Knowing how to attract traffic to your website. 
  • Learning how people interact with your products and discover your site.
  • Understanding how to help your customers in their discovery journey. 
  • Realizing how to use leverage to build valuable offers and more sales.


Data is everything in your business:

  • it's the oxygen of your e-com business.
  • It's how you grow and establish a profitable brand.  
  • If you do not know how to use it, you need to learn it.


Based on data you can build:

  • Profitable fb ads (both cold and warm traffic). 
  • New offers (this is what will convert your ads into profitable ones).
  • Bundles (yep, if you know what sells best together go for it).
  • Create new products. 
  • Know which products to pull out and when. 


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